Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's the Global Economy, Friend

Global players such as 3M and McDonald's are not the only USA based companies getting a boost in the global marketplace. Plenty of savvy small to medium size companies are setting their sights - and building revenue through well planned export strategies.

While the critics may lament a fall from the "good old days" when the USA market was big enough to sustain the heartland, today's reality is multilingual.

Small USA companies with great products and a vision are seeing export sales grow.

For many a small company, in many a small city or town, sales in the global marketplace are creating a success story that helps support the new American Dream -while supporting traditional values of the local community.

For a small to medium size company, the transition from domestic to international business can be extremely challenging.

As in any venture, the journey begins with the first step.

For more on developing a global market for your company, contact your regional office of the US Commercial Services.

(Pictured: Owen George with Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of US and Foreign Commercial Service at the US Department of Commerce, Suresh Kumar, during RepCAN, a US Commercial Services trade mission to Montreal Canada)