Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Green Light on Canada

Each day, 365 days a year, two-way trade between the
U.S. and Canada is $1.65 billion in goods and

However, building a strategy for success in the Canada market requires dedication and patience.

Freshly returned from my second trade mission to Canada in 2010, I am convinced of the value and importance of this market.

Canada is a dynamic and sophisticated country - with a heroic history and rich cultural diversity.

Ontario Facts

Canada’s economic engine!

Accounts for 65% of US exports to
40% of Canada’s GDP
38.5% of Canada’s population
One of the world’s most multicultural
cities with 140 languages.

Quebec Facts

Canada’s 2nd most important
economic region.
19% of Canada’s GDP
70% of $250B GDP comes from
service sector.
23% of Canada’s population
French is the official language
Bilingual business community
A top 15 US trade partner

Thanks to the U.S. Commercial Services for the above statistics.

Spotlight on Canadians Making a Difference

David Suzuki, Scientist, Environmentalist, Author

Quote: "The global economy hides hides the true ecological and social costs of the products we consume. To see our place on the planet, we have to shift from an anthropocentric view that we are at the center of everything to a biocentric view that we are part of and utterly dependant on a web of life."

Courtesy of The Globe and Mail